Life With My Boy: Ownyee & Son


This is a feature photo story of my friend Ownyee and her cute little boy. I saw the pix on her Facebook wall and thought to share.

It really doesn’t need much words… Just enjoy the Mother-Son affection and the surrounding environment.

Shout out to all Mothers and their Cute ones!


Life With My Boy: All Things Big & Beautiful

Fresh Coconut from Grand Ma’s farm

It’s amazing how simple the life of a child is, I believe that’s what makes them so so cute.

Anyway, a senior friend of mine was travelling recently, my son and I were hanging out with her and she asked him what he would like as a gift. Guess his response?

‘Ehm…. ehm… Sweet, biscuit, Coconut…’

At this point I playfully interjected.

‘Ikem, won’t you ask for a new bicycle or a big toy car that you can drive?’

Well, the boy just stared at me like I was speaking French. LOL

A few days later, his Aunty, Chioma still asked him what he wanted and I hoped he would at least ask for something tangible. Well, guess what made the list?

Your guess is as good as mine…

‘Biscuit, Sweets (not even Chocolate!) Coconut…’ (Coconut bikonu?)

I just gave up. No need to bother this boy.


Life With My Boy: A Birthday Story…


wpid-ikem.jpgPictured above is Ikem mimicking his Dad. This was September 13th, 2014,¬† my husband’s birthday. We had gone for a prayer meeting in Church and towards the end of the meeting, the Pastor called out my hubby to pray for him.

We were all standing, forming a circle like our mother’s cooking pot, while my hubby walked to the centre, knelt down and raised his hands as all the Church members prayed.

Next thing we saw, Ikem simply walked to the centre, knelt down besides his Dad and raised his hands up too. It was just so funny that the amateur photographer in me simply reached for my phone and started taking pictures.


Life With My Boy: Through The Eyes Of A 3 Year Old

It was my cousin’s birthday recently. This my cousin stays with me and helps take care of my son, so they are very close.

On the morning of her birthday, I got my son who is now fluent in singing the Happy Birthday song to sing for her. After he was done singing, the following conversation ensued:

Mum: Ikem, what birthday gift will you give Aunty Chinenye?

Ikem: I will, I will give Aunty Chinenye  A BIG KINGDOM!

Mum: Wow! Which Kingdom will you give Aunty Chinenye?

Ikem: I will give her my Kingdom

At this point, I burst into laughter but it also got me thinking, the fact that he believes he owns a kingdom and was willing to give it all out. LOL.


Life With My Boy: Life In The Jungle


My son had just finished eating his food and decided to pick the remaining grains in the plate with his fingers. He saw I was watching him and then said;

“Mummy I’m eating like a Gorrilla.”

“Really?” I asked

“Yes”. He replied and then added for emphasis “I’m a Gorrilla.”

“No you are a human being” I answered.

“No Mummy, I’m a Gorrilla and a Monkey.” He then drops on all fours and begins to scamper.

I thought of what to do and suddenly, I got an idea.

“Ikem, where do Gorillas live?” I asked.

“In the Jungle” came his prompt response.

“Good, you are going to Jungle then.” I walked towards the door, picked up the keys and gestured for him to come. He stared at me a bit unsure.

“Mummy, I want to go to this Jungle.” He pointed towards the room where his Dad was sitted.

“No, you are going to that Jungle.” I pointed towards the door leading out of the flat and then started carrying him towards it. We got there and I started unlocking the door.

“No Mummy, I don’t want to go to the Jungle, I’m a human being!” He was shouting and wailing this time.

“But you just said that you are a Gorilla and a Monkey, and Gorillas live in the Jungle, human beings live in the house”

“Mummy I’m Not A Gorrilla, I’m a human being, I will stay in the house!” He was pleading.

At this point, I burst into laughter and locked the doors. He sank into a chair in the corridor, I could see the relief on his face as he stared at me, probably wondering if I really would have taken him to the Jungle.