“Behind every great person is a story”

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At StoryHouse, we believe in storytelling as a great tool for inspiring men and women all around the world to become the best that God has made them to be.

We capture and tell authentic stories of men, women and brands through various media: documentary, feature film, adverts and promos, books, online content and articles.


About StoryHouse


Storytelling for Inspiration


To tell stories of men and women who [through faith, determination and patience] achieved their dreams, thereby inspiring the hearers [of these stories] to strive towards becoming the best of what God has made them to be at all times.

Beyond storytelling, we also seek to raise other storytellers and provide platforms for training young people thereby equipping them to impact the world with their God-given talents and acquired skills. 


From the stables of StoryHouse Communications…


Shot in Rwanda, a documentary based on an IDRC Canada commissioned Research, in conjunction with the University of Rwanda.

Concept and Story developed by StoryHouse.



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Writing & Ghost Writing

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The Storytela

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