Life With My Boy: All Things Big & Beautiful

Fresh Coconut from Grand Ma’s farm

It’s amazing how simple the life of a child is, I believe that’s what makes them so so cute.

Anyway, a senior friend of mine was travelling recently, my son and I were hanging out with her and she asked him what he would like as a gift. Guess his response?

‘Ehm…. ehm… Sweet, biscuit, Coconut…’

At this point I playfully interjected.

‘Ikem, won’t you ask for a new bicycle or a big toy car that you can drive?’

Well, the boy just stared at me like I was speaking French. LOL

A few days later, his Aunty, Chioma still asked him what he wanted and I hoped he would at least ask for something tangible. Well, guess what made the list?

Your guess is as good as mine…

‘Biscuit, Sweets (not even Chocolate!) Coconut…’ (Coconut bikonu?)

I just gave up. No need to bother this boy.



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