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51SnJQRsg8L._SX500_Film Review: Good Deeds by Tyler Perry 

Starring Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union

Wow! I loved every scene in this movie. It just pulled me in. It’s the story of Wesley Deeds a man who had an obviously good life, he was the CEO of his Dad’s company (his Dad had passed on) he was engaged to Natalie a very beautiful woman and he seemed to have everything going for him but he wasn’t fulfilled. He was simply living his parents dream. Along the line he meets a janitor- Lindsey in his company who doesn’t even know that he is the CEO. Lindsey is going a through lot of stuff when they bumped into themselves. She had just lost her home and her daughter (her husband is late) is about to be taken away by child welfare.

Mr. Wesley Deeds had an elder brother (Walter) who was up to no good and keeps saying that his father should have left the company to him instead of his younger brother. Well, it turns out that Mr. Wesley becomes friends with the Lindsey, the Janitor and ends up helping her out with an accommodation; this was at the point when Child Welfare came for her daughter. They get really close but still respected Mr. Wesley’s engaged status. In relating with Lindsey, Mr. Wesley finds himself and decided to live his dream which involved quitting his job, getting a motor bike, traveling to Africa and calling off his engagement. The engagement was actually engineered by both families and the break-up was mutual between Wesley and his fiancée; Natalie.

And guess who went with Wesley to Africa? Lindsey and her daughter of course! Also, Walter Jnr. Wesley’s elder brother cleaned up his acts and became positively involved in running the company in Wesley’s absence.

Lesson Learnt:  It’s never too late to start living your dreams. Both Wesley and his brother Walter made a complete U-turn and pursued their dreams. Walter was deep down sunken but he decided to clean-up his acts.

Wesley was stuck in another person’s life but he was also able to make a comeback. They both decided that, that was it for them and it was just so!

What about you?

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