Still in Love…

I miss the early morning shuttle from Ajao Estate to Ikeja through the International Airport Road, past the Toll Gate and all the way to the Local Airports.


In those days, I always got to work refreshed, and full of excitement and it took sometime to figure out why. Early in the mornings, up until 7am, the air in that area was usually very sweet, so driving through with your windows down, the sweet gentle early morning breeze would caress not just your face but your soul. Lol.

I would usually sit by the window in a taxi or bus and just stare at the scenery for the few minutes the bus would speed past that route. I enjoyed the bit of greenery between the Toll Gate and the Air Force Base and I’m glad it’s still there.

Recently, I had to pass by that route and it was about 9am but the air of sweetness was still there and that alone helped me relax. Therapeutic, I would call it.

I’m really grateful for the beauty of nature, I always get lost in love watching the golden Sunset or the beautiful early morning Sunrise. I love to pass through greenery especially just after the rain or early morning dew.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the gist. I’m totally lost in the love of God who took time to make the World so beautiful.
I totally agree with the Bible, only a fool can see all these and still say in his heart that there is no God.



Lovely Tips from Kim




Here are five wisdom tips for women that I have gleaned from life and that I thought I’d share today.


“Be wary of comparing yourself with other women. There will always be someone more attractive, competent, fluent, poised, articulate, intelligent, qualified, fit, influential, funny, talented, anointed, popular, shapely or financially enabled than you. That’s okay. The blend of attributes God gave you is intricate to His divine purpose for you so instead of falling into the comparison trap, appreciate, embrace and maximize what you have and ask God to help you to shine in your own unique way to His honor and glory.”



“Be warm, loving, and open, share your heart, develop relationships, bond with others, but remember that God reserves the seat of the throne of your heart for Him and Him alone. Never allow anyone…

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An Nsala Soup Story

Nsala Soup


Kwraa, Kwraa, Kwraa… went the sound of the knife as it cut through the Uziza leaves. The pot of Nsala soup went putu, putu, putu as it boiled on the Cooker. I dropped the knife, stirred the soup, dropped a little in the palm of my hand and tasted it for the upteempth time. I felt a bit unsure of the taste.

At that instant, my mind flashed back to one time in the University when I was really uncertain about something. We had travelled all the way from Enugu to Owerri to attend the Zonal Easter Conference of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

It must have been that evening or maybe the next, the guest speaker (I can’t remember his name but he was huge, fair in complexion with full hair) said that God would be releasing the gift of prophecy to many people in the congregation that night. Silently, I wondered if I’d be amongst them.

We then began to pray and sing to the Lord and then I felt this tightening in my stomach, it was as though I had drank a bowl of cement mixture and on landing in my tummy, it solidified. Next, I felt my body vibrating internally as the power of the HolyGhost moved me. This was a much more gentle vibration, not like when someone is shocked by electric currents or struck by a thunderbolt.

Then, I felt like something was rising from my heart, through my throat and then out of mouth, like I just had to say something. OMG! I thought, what was happening here? I felt really unsure about what I was supposed to say.

Anyway, I heard my voice praying really loud, in a language that was not English, Igbo, French or other languages that I imagined I could speak. I was praying in tongues and then … the words came rolling out in English. I was prophesying… Wow!

I spoke so hesistantly, afraid of saying what the Lord did not say… ‘thus says the Lord’… I really can’t recall the other things I said. After that awesome experience, I would go on to prophesy during prayer meetings but I was usually unsure of myself when I started out.

As I grew in faith and in the understanding of God’s word, I became more certain that I would say the right things based on God’s Word and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so I spoke with so much ease and it just kept getting better.

I stirred the soup again, dropped a little in my hand and licked it up. The taste of the Uziza leaves did make a difference afterall. I was still a bit unsure though as I served it and I simply told my hubby ‘this is the worst Nsala soup I’ve made in a while.’

What a huge relief it was when he ate it and said it tasted really nice (hubby can cook and he doesn’t pay pretend compliments).

The End.

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Looking for a Job? Try the Security Guy! ;)

Recently, I was reflecting on some firms that I would have liked to work with several years ago but I never got to even drop my CV there. I thought about what I could have done differently based on the experience I have now and something occurred to me, I could have gone through the Security Guards!

In the organisation where I’ve worked for several years now, we have very good relationships with the Security Guard and you would be amazed that most Security Guards have access to the Ogas at the top, in other words- the decision makers that can hire and fire.

I can imagine if I had walked into one of those companies and met one of the Uniformed Security Guards (not a Mai-Guard or a Mallam or an Aboki!), instead of asking for the HR or someone that would be too busy or maybe too important to attend to me.

First of all, the guy or guys would feel cool that their help is required in the first place. I would probably buy one or two bottles of soft drinks for him/them (as a job-seeker, I won’t be throwing much cash around pleaseeeee!) And I would then present my request/CV (ever heard of Damsel in Distress? Lol!)

I would follow-up with calls (as much as I can) and promises of maybe one-twentieth of my salary in the second month (first salary is first fruit, one-tenth of the second can only go to God, and the rest of the salaries? No be Security Man I dey work for abeg!)

I might even go further to request what time the CEO comes to the office and if I can ‘accidentally’ bump into the CEO or HRM or whomever; after the Security Guard has ofcourse enthusiastically spoken to the person and presented my impeccable CV:

‘Ha! Oga, this is my sister o! She is the smartest person in our village, made a first class sef! Just give her the chance, she can even work free of charge for 2 weeks’ (Only two weeks o! Abeg! I did not go to school free of charge!)

Anyway, with the favour of God upon my life, I’m sure I would have landed one of those jobs… Lol.

Or what do you think? Afterall, Wisdom is profitable to direct! (Ecclesiastes 10:10b, King James Version- Holy Bible) Selah!