Where are your own designs?


Growing up, there was this popular Igbo sung that girls used to sing. I can’t quite remember all the lyrics but it’s something like this:

i ne m anya n’anya, eye shadow (If you look at my eyes you see Eye Shadow)

i ne m anya n’onu paint onu (On my lips you find lipstick)

And the song goes on to describe everything the girl is wearing.

It’s basically a song for bigs girlz! In other words, I’m not at your level kind of thing.

Today, we see the same thing play out again and again. We jostle for Louboutin Shoes, Mongolian Hair, Gorgio Armani perfumes, Versace wears, it’s designers all the way.

In one of his audio excerpts, Pastor Chris asked a profound question: ‘Where are your own designs?’

At least Genieve Nnaji now has a clothing line and several others are creating their own designers stuff too.

What about you?

Are you going to be remembered for just wearing other peoples designs?

You might not own a design per se but I’m sure that there’s something original that you can give to the world or to the body of Christ.

There’s got to be something that only you can do in the way that only you can do it. That’s how to leave your footsteps in the sands of time.

So, as you spray on your designers perfume and dress up your children in labels, take time to think again, what have I created so far? What can I create today? It might just be a simpler way of filling forms in your office to make reporting easier, it’s called innovation.

So take some time this year and create a design for yourself.


The Storytela


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