Enjoy This Story & Don’t Let Go!!!!

There was a story i heard over the radio on November 14th 2006. I just read it up in a mail I sent to a friend and I thought I would share it to inspire you.
It’s a story about three trees, they all had their dreams, the first wanted to be used as a crib for the Kings children, the 2nd wanted to be used to build a big ship that will carry Kings and rich men all over the world, the 3rd wanted to be the tallest tree in the forest, very close to the heavens and everybody will stare at even from the mountains and wonder at how close it to God.
Some men came into the forest to cut trees, they said they wld send the first tree to the carpenter, it was happy cos it wld get to be used for a crib. The second they said is very strong and would be sent to the dockyard, that one too was happy cos it’s dream was gonna come true. They looked at the third and felt it would not be used for anything so they just cut it and left it lying around It was sad cos it felt it’s dream was dead.
Meanwhile, the first tree was used to build a manger for feeding animals, of course it felt bad, the other was used to build a small fishing boat and the third kept lying around. A while later, a man came in with his wife and she delivered her baby in a manger, the tree knew there was something special about that baby and soon learnt that the baby was a king, it was happy cos it’s dream had come to pass.
The small fishing boat witnessed a spectacular event when one of it’s passengers who was sleeping during a storm suddenly got up and said ‘Peace be still’ and the sea obeyed. Instantly it knew it was carrying someone greater than all the Kings on earth put together, what more, the man even walked on water. It was overjoyed becos it’s dream was fulfiled in a greater way.
The third three lying there was picked up and built into a cross on which this same man was crucified. It stood there, tall on the mountains carrying the son of God.
The dreams of these trees all came to pass in a way greater than they imagined, in God’s own way.
Don’t let go of your dreams, they will happen if you believe!

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