The Call of Fatherhood


Daddy, Daddy, you know how much I love you…

I remember so clearly the lyrics of this song we sang several years ago in Federal Government College, Nise.

It’s not easy to be a Dad, especially when you were raised by a man who was never really there for you or who maybe didn’t live up to the expectations of a Father.

You see, fatherhood can never be passive, fatherhood is planned and intentional. As a Dad, you’ve got to have a vision for your children. What type of child do you want to raise? And no, the job is not for Mommas alone.

When a child is raised without an objective, the child will grow anyhow, without an objective too. So you see the children of successful men who seem to not to have a direction in life.

My call to all Fathers today is to take a moment and think (if you’ve not done so already). Who are you raising? A bold, God fearing, well mannered, smart child who is respectful, responsible and focused? If this is what you want, then there are specific things you have to do for your child to turn out that way and trust me, it’s not just about making the money available or uploading pictures on social media, LOL.

Please do not take the easy way out of not getting involved in your children’s lives. God is counting on you, to teach your children about him. Also, not every woman is strong willed enough to raise children properly on her own. Your decision  may just boomerang in your face several years later.

Today, I salute every Dad and Father figure who is giving or has given so much to help raise the children right.

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

God bless you.


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