The Labour of Our Heroes Past

I really love the line in the Nigerian Anthem that goes

“The Labour of our Heroes Past, Shall never be in vain”

As I sang the anthem to myself today, this line caught my attention again and I started to ponder on it

Our heroes in the past were selfless people, who fought for the good of everyone in their own unique ways. A lot of them were involved in several causes all bothering on justice, equality and fairness. We also know of several heroes in other countries that fought for other human beings to be treated right. A lot of them suffered for what they believed in, many were killed even before what they fought for materialized. A lot of these heroes we celebrate, some of them have been forgotten but the truth remains that the society became better because of this people.

Fast forward to our generation…

The Labour of Our Heroes Past shall never be in vain…

How concerned are we about our society?

How concerned are we about our community?

A lot of things go wrong and we look the other way and do nothing. After all, it doesn’t really concern us or affect our immediate environment. We live nice and happy lives within our comfort zones, not wanting anything that would stress us.

“Hey! I do not want to get involved; it’s none of my business really…”

And we watch things go from bad to worse.

The Labour of Our Heroes Past, shall never be in vain…

It’s time to get involved Brother! It’s time to get involved Sister!

Jesus got involved when he was here; he went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the enemy!

We are in his place now and he expects us to get involved. We have the good news to tell people, there’s a higher life for them in Christ.

God has given us a voice that must be heard, we have to speak out! Don’t let evil and ignorance run rampage around you, pray and by all means do something because YOU CAN!


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