Have you been in a Pressure Pot before?

ImageYes, that’s exactly my question. Have you ever been put in a Pressure Cooker, spiced up  and cooked nicely till you are all soft and ready to eat?

If your answer is ‘No’ then you need to get someone to put you into a Pressure Cooker and get you cooked and done nicely.

This is because you are not going to really get far in life if you do not go through pressures that will bring out the best in you. Ever heard of the Refiner’s fire?

So instead of feeling discouraged, feeling low, feeling de-motivated or feeling down because of the things you are going through, you ought to stand up! Shake yourself up and move forward! It’s time to make progress! It’s time to make advancement and it all begins with your mind.

You’ve got to change your thoughts, don’t think victim, rather think victory. Instead of seeing your environment as an obstacle, see it as a stepping stone. Think how you can make things better.

See, a car is made to run irrespective of the environment it finds itself. Whether in New York City or in Haiti, a Rolls Royce would move, this is because it is wired to move from inside and not from the ‘poshness’ of it’s environs.

Take a moment to do this, bring out a currency note, what is the value of the note in your hand? Throw it on the floor and step on it. Pick it up again and crumple it in your hand (currency abuse you are thinking, right?) Bring it out and look at it again. Has the value changed?

The answer is NO! A hundred dollar bill is a hundred dollar bill no matter what you do to it. It would actually appreciate in value if taken to some environments.

What does that say about you? You are not an ordinary person, there’s more to you than the flesh and blood that everyone sees. It’s the inner man. That inner man does not depreciate in value ever!

You’ve got to make up your mind never to be discouraged or de-motivated for one more second! Don’t waste your energy being angry with the system. The system was created by men like you, look for ways you can increase in relevance and very soon you would have opportunities to positively impact the system.

Whatever you do in life, you are really doing for yourself.

Think about that for a moment and decide if you want to continue on the paths you’ve chosen.

If you decide to make a change for the better, then do so now! Stop the procrastination because the Clock is moving and so is the time.


11 Replies to “Have you been in a Pressure Pot before?”

  1. Very deep and insightful. You write so well. It’s hard to motivate yourself, sometimes, but you just have to do it. Well done.


    1. Thanks so much Jai. That’s an honour coming from you. Self motivation can be made easier by focusing on the rewards/benefits of achieving a particular dream, goal or vision, in other words, the future glory.


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