What exactly are you good at?

ImageYou know what? I have asked myself this same question several times and it’s helped to keep me on track. So, I thought I might as well share. It’s really a question to be pondered upon deeply. It’s so easy to dissipate energy in several directions, trying to do so many things at the same time. But you know what? It pays to find out that one thing you are really good at and when you do, invest in developing it. That is what will make you an expert in that area and also make you stand out.

Let’s take a little walk up memory lane, do you know any popular person in any field at all? Whatever field it is, I can bet you that they did not just arrive where they are overnight. It’s possible some of them seemed to have become popular ‘just like that’ but if you take time to read up their biography, you will discover years upon years of practice, consistent practice, without giving up even in the face of several rejections. Quite a number of really famous writers that we know today had their first manuscripts turned down by several publishing houses, I’d cite two examples: Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ was rejected by all publishers apart from Heinemann and Agatha Christie’s manuscripts were rejected for 5 consecutive years.

The key is to believe in yourself and in the gifts that God has deposited in you, because God has really blessed you. You need to stay inspired and motivated, never letting circumstances deter you. 

Invest time and resources in developing your God given talents. Do something everyday to polish that skill, make up your mind to make a difference with what you have and with that determination, no demon hatched out of hell would be able to stop you!

God bless you.

Image courtesy http://www.searchenginejournal.com


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