No I can’t!

You tell yourself one more time. I don’t think I can ever do that, no way! Not me! Then you remind yourself of all those mistakes, all those times you failed, all those negative things that were said to you or said about you and you tell yourself one more time, ‘I definitely can’t!’. Then you shrug and you walk away, walk away from your God given destiny because you think that you are not qualified. You walk away from a life changing opportunity because you believe that you are not up to it. You give up on something you really would have loved to do because you’ve failed before or you’ve been told by someone that you are not good enough. Or maybe you are good, but then there are no funds to pursue your dream at the level that you would have loved to at that time, so what do you do? Give up? Walk away? Pretend it doesn’t matter? Find some other dreams and pursue it? One of my sisters had the following signature on her email: “The person that speaks to you the most is you, so be careful what you say to yourself”.

There are a lot of opportunities out there for those who think that they can. The truth is, when you begin to think that you can, your mind begins to see opportunities, and you begin to dream. As those pictures come to you, you need to write them down and begin to say them to yourself again and again. Tell yourself what you are going to do, as you do that, you are influencing the circumstances around you to begin to shape up for you and for your future. If you need to improve your skills, by all means do. Practice if you need to practice, find a mentor that believes in you and is willing to hold your hand and walk you through. If there’s no one like that around you, don’t despair, read books about people that have done what you want to do, study on that area and acquire knowledge. Spend time in prayer and meditation and let God guide your heart.

The picture below shows it all, don’t wait for anybody to tell that you can. Tell yourself you can and please DO!



11 Replies to “No I can’t!”

  1. At my age, it’s easy to think it’s all downhill from here. After reading the Bible, though, I recognize this lie. If Caleb could take out the giants at 85, that makes 85 the new 40…and therefore 50ish the new 20s! Besides, I’m so thankful that He gives back the years the locusts have eaten.

    Love your posts!


  2. Nice one. Really inspiring and reminds us there’s nothing we can’t achieve if we refuse to give up on ourselves, even when other’s have given up on us.


  3. Very well written piece, highly motivational. The line that says there are a lot of opportunities out there only if you can just think about it, having a thaught about something creates a room for its manifestation so overcoming that in midst of all distractions and negative words like “CAN’T” becomes the giant that are allways in conflict with that thaught.
    Once again good stuff.


  4. Just this morning, I made a very bad decision/mistakes in my new business.. I kept on asking myself, are sure you can do this? which kept giving me doubting answers. But after reading this, I renewed my hopes! Nice peace!


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