…And the rain fell!

I love the rain Not just did the rain fall, it fell at the right time. The right time for me is when I am indoors and probably about to write. The rain sets the perfect scene especially if I can watch from a window, a closed window that is. Lols.

For other people, the rain would be falling at the wrong time, probably they are about to go out for a meeting or visit someone or do something outdoors. Anyway, that’s life for you. The situations we meet may not always be favorable, some of them can be downright discouraging but you know what? We have the choice to either get discouraged, depressed and drop out or to keep going on, irrespective of how we feel.

What choices are you going to make today? This week? This month? This year? You may not be able to choose certain things that come your way but you definitely can choose your reactions to them.

I was at a wedding one day, the reception was outdoors and it began to rain. I simply told the bride and the groom to enjoy themselves and not bother about the weather because if they do, they would end up having a bad day. Did the rain stop? definitely! Was the wedding a success? Absolutely- we all had fun and really really danced.

You are the only person that can stop yourself from doing what you want to do. The Rain only becomes a hindrance when you see it as one. So also do the other things that happen to you. Choose to see possibilities only and that is what you would have always.



12 Replies to “…And the rain fell!”

  1. Very deep and insightful. It will always rain, but the question is; will you always allow the rain to stop you? Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very deep and insighful. It will always rain. The question is, would you allow the rain to always stop you? Thanks for sharing


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