Help!!!!! I’m a Ghost…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

I laugh in a deep cracking baritone, slowly drawing the syllable of each ‘Ho!’

My hands are raised and my wrists are drooping with my fingers extended. My body is drapped in white and every inch of my brown face is covered with white powder. Scary enough?

‘Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!’ I scream in an increasing innuendo…

Okay! Back to reality.

I’m a Ghostwriter.

Not that kind of fake ghost shown in cartoons. LOL

A Ghostwriter is someone who helps you write your article or book and gets paid for doing it. In order words, if you have a book idea but not the time to write it, you could share your thoughts with me, I write the book on your behalf and it get’s published with your name.

Scary right? Absolutely not.

So it’s time to live your dream of publishing those book titles and telling your stories.

Send an e-mail to or simply comment below so we get started.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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4 Replies to “Help!!!!! I’m a Ghost…”

  1. Good news to my ears! Can you write stories of my future life?? Filled with fabulousity,love,laughter and joy?can you see it? I already have ideas of the title: Fabulously oma….. Fabulous life of O……

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