Baby Juanita Needs You!

12112322_10153833996222214_3799763360988488765_nBorn about 7 weeks earlier than her expected date of delivery, very tiny and weighing a mere 1.5 kg (Gosh! That’s like one and a half kilos of Chicken!) Juanita had two options, win the fight for her life and stay here on earth, or simply checkout.

Well, she chose to win and with the help of God, Medical Science and 3 whole weeks in an incubator (trust me, I don’t envy her Mum) Baby Juanita is growing stronger by the day.

Today, Baby Juanita needs to win again. This time it’s the Cussons Baby Moments Competition and quoting her Mummy ,

‘Watching her grow to be strong, beautiful and very energetic is something to shout about’

Enough said! Now it’s your turn to do something. Simply VOTE for Juanita Kemmeni by following the steps below:

1. Click on the link 10360350_10153292040777214_8672064847799152824_n
2. Click on View Gallery
3. Sign into your facebook account
4. Look for JUANITA KEMMENI….and you know what to do!

Please VOTE today. Baby Juanita NEEDS YOU to WIN.


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