For the Love of Lord Handsome…

At some point in my life as a single lady, I wasn’t excited about marriage and as a result, I didn’t have wedding day plans or ideas. That was before he became a factor.

One day, I was seated in my office then at the MTN Walk-In Centre at Opebi and guess who walked in? Your guess is as good as mine.

It wasn’t the proverbial love at first sight for me, and for him; he wasn’t seeing me for the first time. Turns out that we were neighbours growing up (I was five years younger so I didn’t know him but knew his name).

We did become friends and I was impressed by the kind of guy he was and still is. Such a good heart, such faithfulness and loyalty, such humility and gentleness, yet firm and determined. Such unassuming and boyish nature, Wow!

Several years later, I was singing the lyrics of the famous hymn

‘To God be the Glory’

… it was on our wedding day! And have I been glad I got married to him?

No it’s not our anniversary again! LOL. It’s HIS birthday, my Lord Handsome got action.

Here’s to celebrating the man who celebrates me everyday, who has squelched every single fear I had, a man who has consistently loved me devotedly and unconditionally, who is never tired of saying ‘have you seen my wife?’ ‘have you met my wife?’ ‘You should meet my wife’.

Here’s to celebrating a man so committed to growth, love and relationships, who never tires of saying ‘I’m sorry’ even when I could be wrong (Wow! I just wiped a tear. LOL), whose anger never even lasts! And who has great skills at postponing our trips to the beach! Ha ha ha

I’m so grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I love you today and forever.

God has blessed you already, He has already kept you and His countenance is forever shining upon you.

Happy birthday Sweetie.



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