Rainy Day Cuteness…

Growing-up, rainy days were pleasant days especially when we have the opportunity to play in the rain.

I remember few times I got to do that and once, I did play in the rain after I graduated from the University. LOL. I remember that day so clearly, we were at home chilling and it began to rain. I had just loosened my hair and watching the rain fall outside, I was irresistibly drawn towards going downstairs and I did just that. It was a private compound, so nobody saw me apart from my sister who was at home then.

Yesterday, the rainfall was heavy and I had to get things done outside the office so I had to drive in the rain, men! That wasn’t funny! And when I couldn’t drive anymore as my next destination didn’t have a parking space, I had to shuttle and then walk, talk about being stressed!

Anyway, all of that stress disappeared when I saw this cute toddler son of my colleague holding his Spiderman Umbrella. Wow! I couldn’t resist the urge to take a photo and when I did, my friend and a top commenter on my blog simply said ‘I know where you would put that picture’.


Alvin & His Spiderman Umbrella
Rainy Day Cuteness

I really love the look of the boy under the Spider Man Umbrella. I can imagine what my son would do if he had one, trust me, everyday would be a rainy day at home and the Umbrella might just become a bedmate. He just loves Spiderman.

Anyway enjoy the Cuteness of this pix and also the Rainy Season.

One Reply to “Rainy Day Cuteness…”

  1. Ohhh… so cute indeed! Well said, I love everything about this article especially because it is personal to me. wink, wink,
    Figure that out!


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