Life With My Boy: Should I sue Zee TV?

Well, yes. I’m flipping through my advertising textbooks right now, there’s got to be a law that would enable me sue Zee Tv for a misleading advert.

Or maybe I should sue Khana Khazana, since that is the programme I have an issue with.

You see, Khana Khazana is an Indian Cookery Show, hosted by Celebrity Chef; Sanjeev Kapoor on Zee Tv, the Indian Chanel on DSTV (166). When they started the advert for the programme, I totally loved it, especially the intro… Let me describe it for you…

An Indian man, in about his mid-forties, wearing a white half apron enters a lovely kitchen with mostly wooden cabinet. He takes a slight bow with his hands together and says

‘Namaste! from Sanjeev Kapoor and all the team of Khana Khazana’.

Beautiful! Very lyrical especially with the thick Indian accent…

Then they changed the intro. So he now says this instead…

‘They say you eat food with your eyes first of all, before you taste it with your mouth…’

I won’t have had any problem with that if… and I repeat if my son hadn’t picked it up. Now he would tell me…

‘Mummy, I eat food with my eyes!’

Okay now. How do I let him know at this age that what the man was saying is just an adage and that people actually eat with their mouth?

You see why I have to sue them; for misinformation of course! Did they really have to use that line?

I’ll keep flipping through my textbook and hopefully, I’ll be able to build my case.




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