Stop Waiting, Start Doing!

ImageStop waiting on God to do something with your life! Yeah, it’s time for you to stop waiting because He has done everything that He needs to do including giving up His only son (Romans 8:32). So what more do you want from him? When Jesus died on the cross, he said ‘It is finished’ and he meant exactly that! The bible says that God has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3). Did you see that? He has given us  EVERYTHING! Holding back nothing. So why are you still waiting for him? Why are you still praying ‘Do something Lord! Do something Lord!’? 

The bible also says that ALL things are yours (1 Cor 3:21) So you see, God has done his own part. We need to stop blaming Him and start doing our own part. When the Israelites were in-between the Egyptians and the Red Sea, Moses looked up to God for help and guess what God did, did he come down? Absolutely not! He simply asked Moses for what he had in his hand and he asked him to use it and divide the sea. Of course when Moses stretched out his hands, God backed him up. 

That’s the point exactly! What if Moses was too afraid to stretch out his hand? 

It’s really your turn to do something. Not just anything, but what God requires you to do. How can you find out what God requires you to do? It’s by asking him. In some situations, he already has an answer in his Word as contained in the bible. In some other situations, you would need to specifically find out from him. God speaks to you through his Word, and in your heart. He could confirm his word through other people telling you the same thing that He has already told you or that he is telling you but you are not getting it.

Many times, what you need to do is already known to you. All you have to do is take that step and God will back you up.

You see, it’s really up to you. God is waiting for you.


You need to accept the salvation that God is offering you if you have not done so already. to get born-again is the easiest thing in this world because God has paid the price. Simply accept by saying this prayer (speak it out with your mouth) and meaning it with all your heart

“Father I came to you in the name of the Lord Jesus. I believe in my heart according to Romans 10:10 that Jesus died and was raised up from the dead, I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord. Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and become my Lord, my master and my saviour. I receive eternal life into my spirit right now! Thank you father because now I know that I’m born again. I Jesus name I’ve prayed, Amen.


If you said this prayer, please send me a mail at 

God bless you.


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