Life With My Boy: Meet my Twin!

Stepping out in Mama's Shoes

Found my semi-siamese twin after decades of existence. I call him semi-siamese because we are not permanently joined together but he sure can be a tag – a – long

Mummy I want to carry you’

What he actually means is ‘Mummy carry me’.

And then he follows me around the house; from the sitting room,  to the kitchen and to the bedrooms and when I finally escape into the ‘ladies’ or the bathroom,  guess who’s knocking at the door? Yeah right!

My boy would step in my shoes, try to wear my clothes and then we share my Orange wristwatch.  I wear it to work, and he takes over when I get home.

But I have 2 magical words for severing all ties:
Word Number 1: It’s time to bathe
Word Number 2: Time to Sleep

My toddler suddenly disappears and I end up being the one to look for him. LOL.

What’s your experience with the little ones in your life?


Life With My Boy: Princess Sophia The Bully


I remember one certain day, my 2 and a half year old son was watching Princess Sophia the First. He came to me trying to say something, I was finally able to deduce what he was saying. The following conversation  ensued;

Mom: Oh, you like Princess Sophia the First?
Son: Yes
Mom: Tell me about her
Son: Mummy, Pwincess Sophia beating me…

Okay now… Toddlers and their claim. If I spoke sternly to him, he would run to his Daddy and say Mummy is beating me and vice versa.

I wonder who he would be reporting next… Mickey Mouse,  maybe.