Life With My Boy: A Family of Singers?


Do you remember Sound of Music? The Von Trapp Family Singers… aha! With their many classics especially ‘Doe a Deer…’ I can hear you humming already! Voila! It’s been 50 years since that movie premiered and history is about to repeat itself most surely, right in Lasgidi, Naija and if you zoom in a little closer, you would land right here in my sitting room. Ehen!

Trust me, it pales in comparison to the mansion that is the home of the Von Trapp family but nevertheless, it’s home and full of love.


Zoom in a little further and in the place of Maria, you have me, yes moi! A very unwilling Singer. It’s amazing that after having spent a little above 10 years in the combined school choir of my Primary and Secondary schools, I still do not know my voice part, yeah, Thanks.

In the place of the 7 cute Von Trapp children, you have my son and no, he is not dressed in Naval like clothes and standing like a statue or jumping at the blast of a whistle, rather he is seated on his blue child sized plastic chair, drumming with two unequal pencils on his red plastic table.

“Mummy sing another one, sing I know who I am…” he adds excitedly

I start the famous lyrics by Sinach, singing on any key that I find convenient and switching keys without even realizing it. My son drums excitedly, his face beaming with joy.

We carry on with our medley and though I really would like to stop, I continue for his sake and we go another round and then another round and then…

Oh no! Momma is tired and it’s bed time. I send him off to sleep, ignoring his protests and once more, we return to our peaceful family of non-singers. LOL.


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