Life With My Boy: ‘b’ is for ‘God forbid!’


You see that black stuff with wings spread out in the picture?

Yeah, the bat; here’s a little story about it.

My son just got a new picture book from one of his Aunts and we were reading through it. We got to the letter ‘b’ and he would either say the name of the picture or I would assist where he doesn’t know it…

Mum (pointing at the bat): B is for…
Son: God forbid!

Lol. I figured that someone must have shouted ‘God forbid’ when they saw a Bat, so my son simply assumed that that was the name of the animal.

I had my fair share of laughter first before teaching him that the name of the animal is Bat and not ‘God forbid’.


Such mistakes are better made at home than in school. Imagine if he had shouted ‘God forbid’ when his teacher shows him a Bat in school. Ha ha ha! I’m not sure she would have forgotten in a hurry.


2 Replies to “Life With My Boy: ‘b’ is for ‘God forbid!’”

  1. Lloool
    But what happened to good ol’ ball? Balloon? Baby?
    Bat kwa? Can’t blame d dude jor. I’ll prolly do same…
    Children??? Priceless!!!


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