Looking for a Job? Try the Security Guy! ;)

Recently, I was reflecting on some firms that I would have liked to work with several years ago but I never got to even drop my CV there. I thought about what I could have done differently based on the experience I have now and something occurred to me, I could have gone through the Security Guards!

In the organisation where I’ve worked for several years now, we have very good relationships with the Security Guard and you would be amazed that most Security Guards have access to the Ogas at the top, in other words- the decision makers that can hire and fire.

I can imagine if I had walked into one of those companies and met one of the Uniformed Security Guards (not a Mai-Guard or a Mallam or an Aboki!), instead of asking for the HR or someone that would be too busy or maybe too important to attend to me.

First of all, the guy or guys would feel cool that their help is required in the first place. I would probably buy one or two bottles of soft drinks for him/them (as a job-seeker, I won’t be throwing much cash around pleaseeeee!) And I would then present my request/CV (ever heard of Damsel in Distress? Lol!)

I would follow-up with calls (as much as I can) and promises of maybe one-twentieth of my salary in the second month (first salary is first fruit, one-tenth of the second can only go to God, and the rest of the salaries? No be Security Man I dey work for abeg!)

I might even go further to request what time the CEO comes to the office and if I can ‘accidentally’ bump into the CEO or HRM or whomever; after the Security Guard has ofcourse enthusiastically spoken to the person and presented my impeccable CV:

‘Ha! Oga, this is my sister o! She is the smartest person in our village, made a first class sef! Just give her the chance, she can even work free of charge for 2 weeks’ (Only two weeks o! Abeg! I did not go to school free of charge!)

Anyway, with the favour of God upon my life, I’m sure I would have landed one of those jobs… Lol.

Or what do you think? Afterall, Wisdom is profitable to direct! (Ecclesiastes 10:10b, King James Version- Holy Bible) Selah!


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