From Sunrise in Texas…

From Sunrise in Texas...

My sister took this picture of a colourful hot air balloon in the glorious morning sunrise on her way to work in Texas.

I get very emotional when I watch the Sunrise and the Sunset. The view of the beautiful golden rays of the Sunset cast on nature is simply breathtaking. Oh my God!

I remember vividly the golden yellowness of the Sun as it cast its rays on the green vegetation behind the female hostel way back in my secondary school! I remember with relish the majestic beauty of the early morning sunshine as seen from the windows of my room in Manuwa hall, during my days at the University. I would wake up in the mornings, raise the curtains and burst into worship. It was simply beautiful.

My secondary school is situated on a hill, overlooking green vegetation. I would stand for minutes in the evening on my way to the dining hall watching the Sun go down. Some days, I would sing this song with some lyrics from on Psalm 113:3;

‘From where the Sun rises, even to the place it goes down, we are giving you praise, giving you praise. From sun-kissed Islands, even to the place gold wind blows, we are giving you praise, we are giving you praise.’

Wow! So seeing this picture brought back so many memories. I’ve watched the Sun set in several places; at the beach, from the balcony in my parents’ home, from the topmost apartment in my parents’ country home, riding on top of the Third Mainland bridge, at the waterside of the Slave History Museum in Calabar and most recently from the balcony in my home. Oh! What beauty, what majestic splendor!

The Lord is good and worthy of praise!

Take some time this week to watch the Sun rise or set and spend some minutes praising God. I would love to have a picture of your sunset story, please mail it to me at Do include your location so that we can write our own version of Psalm 113:3. For now, my version would be:

“From Sunrise in Texas to Sunset in Lagos, the Lord’s name shall be praised”



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