We have moved!


Dearest Friends,

Thanks so much for the huge inspiration you’ve brought to my life, through your views, likes and comments. God bless you all. 

I’d like to inform you of the change in my blog address from obiamaka.wordpress.com to thestorytela.wordpress.com. All content remain the same. 

I want to especially thank Tami of lessonsbyheart.wordpress.com, for helping me see the need for informing my followers. I apologize for every inconvenience caused to all those that clicked on obiamaka.wordpress.com and could not get access to my blog.

Thank you for following and God bless you.


6 Replies to “We have moved!”

  1. I thought it was funny that it was your article, “Feeling Unappreciated” that caused the excitement! You certainly shouldn’t be feeling unappreciated – unloved – unnoticed now! 😉



  2. Congrats on your new wordpress account! I look forward to reading the posts.

    Best wishes,


    On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 4:38 PM, The Blossoming


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