Dust To Dazzle: Jenny’s Story


483772_4924571869959_1673007953_nMy sister, Obiageli had always wanted to be a Medical Doctor. She was not like most kids (I for instance) who changed their careers as they changed their shoe sizes or maybe dress sizes…

When she was graduating from Nursery  school, she won the ‘Most Humane’ award, which meant she was compassionate and could take care of people. Along the line, she read Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands and that really did it for her.
Fast forward to several years later, she had made straight A’s in her Junior WAEC and was topping her class in Senior Secondary School but I guess her life seemed to lack very serious challenges so two of her teachers came together and gave her a very daunting task- To prepare the Skeletal Structure of a Rabbit and submit it for the Children’s Day Science Competition in her school. School Teachers sef!
Anyways, she bought the Rabbit, killed it carefully (Animal Rights Activists where una dey?) cooked it carefully, skinned it carefully, ate it carefully (with her friends though) and finally got through to the bones which she had to preserve with chemicals.
IMG_20150813_134021As the day of the competition drew nearer, her heart beat faster  as she had started quite late (fire brigade things). One day to the competition, some bones get missing (arrow from the village?) but she kept going and finally got the structure up. Did she win the competition? Sure thing! That’s how we roll…
Well, to Oby (now known as Jennifer a.k.a Jenny) she thought it would be easy to get admission to study Medicine in school, after all, she was a star student but the opposite was her story. She didn’t make Medicine in the University here in Nigeria, she did however get another admission in Ghana but instead of getting Medicine, she ended up studying Medical Radiography. That didn’t deter her though as she kept faith, grew in her relationship with God and dusted the course. 1456512_10201450760848782_101209448_n
After her graduation and internship, she kept saying she wanted to go in for Medicine. She kept at it though, without being distracted and a few months later, it came through for her! She finally got admission to study Medicine in a University abroad. WOW!
I remember dropping her off at the airport when she was leaving, I was really inspired by her dedication in pursuing her dreams against all odds. She was not discouraged by the many seemingly disappointments she faced, all things worked out for her good and soon she will be inducted as Dr. Jenny…
Wow! So what’s that dream you have? What has God put in your heart to do? It might be taking like forever but don’t give up! Keep the fire burning, continue in pursuit and keep praying. Whatever it is, will definitely come through for you.
The Storytela

Hurray!!! Today is My Fifth Anniversary

IMG_0006Well, my fifth anniversary as an off and on blogger.

I registered with WordPress.com this day, five years ago to chronicle preparations for my weddings and other spin-offs under the title ‘Help!!! I’m getting Married!!!.

Well, I was quietly discouraged by someone who thought I was putting out too much info. I later made a come back in 2013 with my blog ‘The Blossoming’  posting mainly inspirational articles. In 2014, I moved to The Storytela and that’s where we are right now.

It’s been an awesome experience blogging. I’ve met other great bloggers like

http://www.eziaha.com and

http://ladyicons.wordpress.com to mention but a few.

I’ve also been greatly encouraged by my sister and mentor- Chika  http://chikaforafrica.com

Mrs. Oloidi
Mrs. Oloidi

A huge shout out to all our followers and readers from all around the world! Special recognition to:

Kim Sweeting
Kim Sweeting

Funsho Oloidi and Kim Sweeting, they’ve not only read every post, they’ve either left a comment or pressed the like button. Thank you so much for making the journey interesting.

So what to expect from The Storytela in the next five years? Lot’s of inspiring stories about people like you. Sit back, fasten your device belt, pick up a virtual bowl of popcorn and let’s take you for a ride!

Cheers to 5 years of blogging!!! Glory to God Most High!!!!

The Storytela

Life’s a journey, document it

When you wake up by 3pm…


There’s this popular adage in Igbo language that goes;

‘A man’s morning begins whenever he wakes up’

And that’s the way it is. A dream morning routine for me would be: Brush, Pray, Work-out, help everyone get ready for the day and then head to work. But sometimes I skip the workouts (oops!).

Now imagine if I woke up late, like say 7am and instead of rushing through all my routines and dashing out of the house, I start lamenting:

 ‘Oh! I just woke up late. Why did I wake up late?’

And then I pick up my phone, go through my chat list and I see different updates from different friends: example a friend might write;

‘Wow! Great morning, early start’

Then I start feeling bad and instead of getting ready for the day, I decide to visit my online fitness group page and read the various workout logs and I see different exercise logs from different people who woke up earlier and again I feel terrible and I continue my lamentation

‘What made me wake up late sef?’

And 30minutes later, I finally drag myself and start off. I get to work and attribute everything that goes wrong to waking up late.  In summary; I get to have a bad day just because I woke up late!

Now, compare this to people who feel that they ‘started out late in life’ maybe you are one of them. You probably didn’t finish school early,

Or maybe you didn’t get a job when others did,

Or maybe you didn’t get married when you expected to

Or maybe you did get married but didn’t have kids on time

Or maybe you are yet to have kids.

The examples are endless…

Whatever your case is, one thing you must NOT do is to waste time comparing where you would have been if ‘it’ had happened earlier to where you are presently.

Instead, invest the time and energy is making the best of the moment and preparing for a greater future. Thank God for his blessings in your life, including the ones you cannot see with your physical eyes.


God is never late! (2Peter 3:8-9) It is human beings that are time bound, counting days and years and trying to ‘catch up’ but the bible says that God makes everything beautiful in HIS time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Does that mean that God is inconsiderate? Absolutely not!

Let’s take a look at Jesus; he didn’t begin his ministry until he was THIRTY! Like seriously? I mean in today’s world people expect you to have achieved so much at the age of thirty! But the truth is that Jesus took time to prepare for his ministry and when it was the right time for him to launch out, he did and in three and a half years, he made the kind of impact that is still being felt more than 2,000 years later. 

Have you read the story of Mark Kay Ash? That would be in another article.

What does this tell you? What really counts is doing what God wants you to do, when He wants you to do it, where he wants you to be and how he wants it done.

So, quit comparing yourself with anyone. Rather seek God! What does God want you to do now?

A successful person is not just someone that has loads of money and fame. A successful person is someone who is doing what he was created to do, thereby making a success out of others around him.

The lives and destinies of men are intertwined with yours; you’ve got to fulfill your destiny, so that they can fulfill theirs.  It doesn’t matter what obstacles that have come your way, greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

God says ‘I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

What are your expectations? What are your desires? What are you saying to yourself about your life? Or are you still wallowing in self-pity?

Just in case you are still feeling bad, then this bible verse is for you:

We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. Romans 8:28- Amplified Bible.

If you really believe that, you will never be discouraged or feel bad for one more second in your life. Rather, you will smile, think positive thoughts and find a way to encourage someone around you.

God bless you.

Photo credit: http://www.buzberry.com