Life With My Boy: All Men are the Same!

Yes o! They are. Check out this scenario.

My Sister was playing with my son and next he said something like;

Aunty I like your nails. Beauriful”

Turned out my sister was wearing lovely pink nail polish on her nails. I was amazed he noticed and I checked my nails by reflex (I shouldn’t have bothered, I rarely wear nail polish).

So just like every other man around him, my son also appreciates beautiful things in women.  Lol

Anyway, I decided to paint my nails too (hoping he would notice) and guess what happens?


Yes,  the picture says it all. My toddler also decided to get his nail painted and would not let me be, until I dabbed some polish on his nails.

Did he notice my lovely nails? I don’t think so,  he was too busy showing off his own!

“Mummy,  see my nails, beauriful”

There you go! Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered with the nail painting afterall.



Life with my boy

My son is at that stage where toddlers say no to everything. Check out our conversation:
Mum: Ikem, sit down
Son: No, I not sit down
Mum: Okay, keep standing
Son: I not standing ( meanwhile he’s standing) phew!

At another time…

Mum: It’s time to bathe
Son: I not take ma bat
Mum: Ikem let’s get ready for school
Son: I not go to school (we finally get dressed)
Mum: Ikem, come and eat
Son: Okay! I’m coming!!!

Lol, what happened to ‘No, I not eat my food?!’

Just wondering….