Take A Trip To Navy Town

It’s countdown to Christmas day. Season’s greetings everyone as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you are spending the holiday in Lagos, and you are looking for somewhere unique to go, then Navy Town might be it for you. Here’s an article I wrote on my trip to Navy Town, posted on http://www.davinadiaries.com. Enjoy!


20150809_140921I had to visit the Old Navy Town recently and it wasn’t exactly a trip I looked forward to. This was a Sunday and my idea of a great Sunday is to get some rest after Church Service, Sunday Cooking and all. Well, I had to go to Navy Town and to Navy Town I went. The Navy Town is located at Ojo (Your GPS should tell you the exact location) after the Kirikiri Prisons.

As we approached the Barracks, my apprehension turned to excitement as first of all we had to drive past the Kirikiri Medium and Maximum prisons. I didn’t know the area around the prison could be so peaceful and quiet. Then we entered Navy Town and my jaw dropped open.


Seriously, I was expecting the kind of chaos that would usually accompany the Police Barracks but men! Was I wrong?! The entrance to the ‘Town’ was a well paved road flanked by green vegetation on both sides. Wow! I tuned in to Nature immediately. Before then, we had driven past some really old buildings (I love old buildings!).

As we cruised into the town enjoying the scenario, the person we were taking there mentioned that there was a Sailing Club. So I went like ‘Sailing Club?’ I gotta see that men! So we drove towards the Sailing Club. On our way, we couldn’t help but notice how calm the town was. Everywhere was quiet and we saw some Naval Officers enjoying a game of Golf! I wondered if this was rowdy Lagos and then Ojo to be precise.


We got to the Sailing Club and it blew my mind. You see, I love water, I really do love water and then I love to watch the Sun Set at the beach and all of that stuff so being in that place, I was completely in tune with my inner self. I was almost beginning to ask that we build three tents and remain there when it occurred to me that this was not the Transfiguration. LOL


We lingered in the area, took in the scenery, bought some Suya from the Memorial Kitchen while I took as much pictures as I could before we headed to complete our journey. We did drive past some old buildings that weren’t so well kept and looked a bit dirty but then, we saw several modern buildings and several other new ones being constructed.


All in all, I was so glad that I went to Navy Town and I’m really impressed that in a country like ours where things are usually left to fall apart, some degree of sanity was retained in that place. Kudos to our Naval Guys!


For the Love of Lord Handsome…

At some point in my life as a single lady, I wasn’t excited about marriage and as a result, I didn’t have wedding day plans or ideas. That was before he became a factor.

One day, I was seated in my office then at the MTN Walk-In Centre at Opebi and guess who walked in? Your guess is as good as mine.

It wasn’t the proverbial love at first sight for me, and for him; he wasn’t seeing me for the first time. Turns out that we were neighbours growing up (I was five years younger so I didn’t know him but knew his name).

We did become friends and I was impressed by the kind of guy he was and still is. Such a good heart, such faithfulness and loyalty, such humility and gentleness, yet firm and determined. Such unassuming and boyish nature, Wow!

Several years later, I was singing the lyrics of the famous hymn

‘To God be the Glory’

… it was on our wedding day! And have I been glad I got married to him?

No it’s not our anniversary again! LOL. It’s HIS birthday, my Lord Handsome got action.

Here’s to celebrating the man who celebrates me everyday, who has squelched every single fear I had, a man who has consistently loved me devotedly and unconditionally, who is never tired of saying ‘have you seen my wife?’ ‘have you met my wife?’ ‘You should meet my wife’.

Here’s to celebrating a man so committed to growth, love and relationships, who never tires of saying ‘I’m sorry’ even when I could be wrong (Wow! I just wiped a tear. LOL), whose anger never even lasts! And who has great skills at postponing our trips to the beach! Ha ha ha

I’m so grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I love you today and forever.

God has blessed you already, He has already kept you and His countenance is forever shining upon you.

Happy birthday Sweetie.


When Retro meets Modern…

wpid-2015-06-28-11.58.09.jpg.jpegWhen my Mum sent me the traditional Igbo woman dress of a blouse and two wrappers, I was so sure that I would never get to wear it, so I folded it neatly and kept it inside my box.

Recently, I was tidying my room and decided to try it on and it fit perfectly. Coincidentally, the mid-year thanksgiving service for Christ Embassy was just around the corner so I decided to rock it to Church. However, I pushed the sleeves of the blouse a bit of my shoulders to give the blouse a modern feel and instead of tying the big scarf that would usually go with it, I got a friend to pack my braids as shown in the picture.

Also, I decided to honour my Mum by taking a picture posing like she would normally (as shown below) and to also pay a tribute to my late Grandma by posing for the old classic picture (shown above) and saving it in Sepia.


Lol. I had fun dressing up and posing for the pictures. I hope to wear more ‘old school’ dresses with a modern twist.

Dalukwanu o! (Igbo word for ‘Thank You’  when talking to a group of people).

Rest of My Life…

As I sat in the salon, putting finishing touches to my hair, I went through the list of things in my mind once more…

Everything was definitely in place, I heaved a sigh of relief and then it occurred to me; I still had to perfect the song! I tried to go over the lyrics in my mind and I tried to picture myself upstage performing it. Then the question popped up…

‘What if the light went off? What if there’s power failure right in the middle of my performance? Won’t that spoil everything? Since I was going to be miming the song and not exactly singing it?’

Ye! This calls for prayer o! Father, in the name of Jesus, there must not be power failure o! It would ruin everything’.

Chai! The things we pray about in Naija! I guess those living abroad won’t understand this at all.

Later on that night, I perfected my mime. The song was ‘Rest of My Life’ by Lara George http://music.naij.com/15137-lara-george-rest-of-my-life

The next day was my wedding day. I would be ‘singing’ the song for my groom and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction as everything was a surprise.


Well, it’s been four years now, tomorrow is our fourth anniversary and I’m more than happy to share the lyrics of the song with you… Enjoy

2geda 4eva!

Verse 1

You are my sunshine

Youuuu are my rain

You are the reason why

The World around me is sane

You are my love

You are my friend

You are the kiss on my lips

And my man

You are my baby

King of my castle

The only place to where…

Could my heart go

Where, would I find true love but here….

In your arms of love

I’ll gladly spend

The rest of my life with you

Verse 2

You are my rainbow

You brighten up my day

And I bless the moment when God brought you in to stay

He made you made my love

Made you my friend

Made you the kiss on my lips

And my man

He made you my baby

King of my castle

The only place to where

Could my heart go

Where would I find true love but here….

In your arms of love

I’ll gladly spend the rest of my life with you

Oh oh…and as the years go on and on (on and on and on)

May our love grow more and more (more and more and more)

May we be as one in our hearts and minds

May the song we sing always be,

Where could my heart go (baby)

Where would I find true love but here…

In your arms of love

I’ll gladly spend the rest of my life with you

Read more: http://gospellyrics.com.ng/rest-of-my-life-lara-george/

Still in Love…

I miss the early morning shuttle from Ajao Estate to Ikeja through the International Airport Road, past the Toll Gate and all the way to the Local Airports.


In those days, I always got to work refreshed, and full of excitement and it took sometime to figure out why. Early in the mornings, up until 7am, the air in that area was usually very sweet, so driving through with your windows down, the sweet gentle early morning breeze would caress not just your face but your soul. Lol.

I would usually sit by the window in a taxi or bus and just stare at the scenery for the few minutes the bus would speed past that route. I enjoyed the bit of greenery between the Toll Gate and the Air Force Base and I’m glad it’s still there.

Recently, I had to pass by that route and it was about 9am but the air of sweetness was still there and that alone helped me relax. Therapeutic, I would call it.

I’m really grateful for the beauty of nature, I always get lost in love watching the golden Sunset or the beautiful early morning Sunrise. I love to pass through greenery especially just after the rain or early morning dew.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the gist. I’m totally lost in the love of God who took time to make the World so beautiful.
I totally agree with the Bible, only a fool can see all these and still say in his heart that there is no God.